Sunday, December 27, 2009

FREE CALLS within U.S googlevoice+sipdroid+free did.

1. Get a googlevoice account.
2. Download sipdroid and a app called gv from android market.
3. Go to and sign up for a free did[phone number] takes 4-10 hours before you receive your free did and sip info.
4. Set up sipdroid with the info sent to you by ipcomms.And turn on 3g/wifi connect in settings of sipdroid.
5. Add your free did number to your googlevoice account as a callback number.Googlevoice will verifie your number by calling you through sipdroid so make sure your settings are correct. You should see a green icon in the notification bar of your phone if your settings are correct.
6.Ok incoming calls are set up ,now we need to set up outgoing calls open up the gv app and set up with all your googlevoice info. Make sure your callback number is the free did number and check the callback option in settings of gv app.
There you are free calls . To make calls dial out using the gv app and it will call your phone back through sipdroid.If you need any more help hit me on gtalk at .

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

one click root g1

Monday, November 2, 2009

adroid apps list

voip on android 2

1) Setup or Login to your gizmo5 account page (
2) There should be a section explicitly for entering your Google Voice username and password. Enter your username and password. Also be sure to make a note of your full 11 digit Gizmo5 number

3) Download and open the SIPDroid app from the market. In the SIPDroid app, hit Menu and press Settings. Enter:
Username: your 11 digit Gizmo5 number (e.g. 17475555555)
Password: your Gizmo5 password

4) Turn on your phone's Wifi connection. Make sure SIPDroid is running (should be in the Ongoing section of the notifications drop down menu).

5) Login to Google Voice ( Add & Verify your Gizmo5 number. If you set up SIPDroid correctly and your wifi is working properly, your G1 should ring. It took a few tries for the phone to actually ring but eventually it did for me.

Yes, you need a Google Voice account. No, no one can invite you except Google. Incoming calls on Gizmo5 are free. Ask further questions and discuss below!
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free voip calls on andriod

Google Voice recently launched Google Voice Mobile site which will allow you to access your Google Voice account from Mobile. However, You can now use a standalone application to use Google Voice from anywhere in the world.

What is GUAVA? GoogleVoice Unauthorized Android Voice Application. Notice the word, Unauthorize. GUAVA softphone for Google Voice is totally experimental and still in beta.

What GUAVA Android Application for Google Voice can do for you?

  1. GUAVA lets you make free calls to any US number using your Google Voice and Gizmo5 account.
  2. GUAVA lets you receive calls to your Google Voice number from wherever you have a net connection.
  3. Lets you send SMS messages to US phones.
  4. Lets you read incoming messages (via the browser)
  5. IT works fine without a SIM card in fact that's how it was tested.
  6. You can get GUAVA software from
  7. This version only works on Android phones

You must note that you need a Wifi connection in order to use GUAVA for Google Voice.

How to setup GUAVA on your android Phone?

Step 1: Register at Gizmo5 and get your 10 digit 747 number beginning with 747 from

Step 2: Signup for Google Voice account and then in the initial setup or in the Settings: Phone section select the Gizmo option and enter and validate your Gizmo5 747 number from step 1.

Step 3: You need android phone. If you don't have one, get one :-)

Step 4: Download GUAVA . Its a .apk file which you need to install onto your Android phone.

Step 5: Open GUAVA and then enter in your GoogleVoice username, password and phone number. Then enter your Gizmo5 username and password.

You're ready to make calls to any US number, receive calls, send SMS and check SMS messages all for free! Now if you are travelling outside of USA, you are still very close to Google Voice and your family/friends. Just connect to nearest Wifi and enjoy free calls across USA.